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Шитые пинетки для девочек

Решили не связать, а сшить туфельки для малышек))) Сшить пинетки легче, чем связать, но при этом можно совместить множество материалов. 






There is NO way that God did not intend for me to have a daughter.
I made so many things for my boys but making these to cloth a girl has
struck a cord in me. Of course, I'm not basing that theory on shoes alone.
Baby Shoe Pattern Here - здесь подробный мастер класс и выкройка.
The beauty of this simple pattern that it is versatile and it evolves the more I use it.
I have started using a heavy interfacing for the sole lining of the shoes and adhering fabric
to the interfacing and simply cutting them to fit.

You can also use THIS PATTERN и здесь тоже   but you'll want to cut the top a little different.
I cut it with with a round instead of square on the top.
Each one of these is made from the same pattern but just different details.
I wish I had endless time to devote to making these precious shoes.
I spent a small fortune today buying new ribbons to use on future shoes.
The more I make the easier the process.
I can not wait to see these on some baby feet!


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