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Валяние овечки.

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Needle Felted Sheep

how to needle felt sheep


Needle Felted Sheep


Materials & Supplies:
1. Wool roving in off white (50 gram), a little on pastel yellow, brown, pastel pink and black.
2. Yarn – white
3. Black beads, about 3mm, 2 pcs.
4. Dark Brown crochet thread
5. Multi-Needle Pen Style Needle Felting Tool, Clover with Heavy weight needles
6. Felting needle, Fine weight
7. Felting sponge / foam block
8. Long sewing needle and white thread
9. Wooden / Bamboo skewer
10. Wooden toothpick
11. Erasable marker
12. Scissors

1. When doing needle felting, pierce your needle straight into the object (don’t bend or prick the needle) to avoid the needle from breaking.
2. Use multi-needle in heavy weight for quick felting and use fine needle to perfect the finishing.
3. Draw and mark the outline of the shape on the felting object will guide you on where to felt.
4. Never cut wool instead pull it out from the roving, unless instructed otherwise.


sheep-felting-1Get ready all the materials and tools as listed above.
Roll the white yarn into shapes of body, head and 4 limbs as shown in the picture.
You may insert a jingle bell in the body to make it rattles if you are making this as a toy for kid.

sheep-felting-2Pull a few inches of off white wool from the roving.
Loosen up the wool and wrap the wool around the yarn structure of the sheep. Try to cover as even as possible. Add more wool if needed and make sure to cover it completely.

sheep-felting-3Try to cover as even as possible. Add more wool if needed and make sure to cover it completely.

sheep-felting-4Repeat the same to all the yarn balls you have rolled.
Briefly felt the wool to the yarn ball so that the wrappings are in good order.

sheep-felting-5Needle felt the body with the felting needle until it is smooth.
Place the 4 un-felted limbs to the bottom of the body and felt them on.
Add some wool to patch up any uncovered space if needed.

sheep-felting-6Attach the head to the body and felt.

sheep-felting-7Roll a small yarn ball and place it on the face as the snout of the sheep.
Cover the snout with some wool and felt.

sheep-felting-8Mark a triangle shape as the nose on the tip of the muzzle. Felt to fill up the triangle nose with brown wool.
Roll little black wool on a tooth pick to make a tiny black strip, felt it under the nose and extend a little downward to make the philtrum.

sheep-felting-9Mark the eye positions of the sheep, pierce them with felting needle to make 2 indent points.

sheep-felting-10Sew the eyes into the 2 indent points. You may glue them instead of sewing.

sheep-felting-11Pull about 3 inches of pastel yellow wool from the roving. Split it into 2 equal parts. These are for the horns of the sheep. If you are making an ewe / female sheep, omit the horns.

sheep-felting-12Felt it into a cord with one of the end rolled up. Don;t felt the wool at the other end.
Repeat the same to felt another horn.

sheep-felting-13Wind the dark brown crochet thread onto the horns, pierce with needle to keep the thread in place.

sheep-felting-14Felt the loose ends of the horn to the head to attach them in place.

sheep-felting-15Pull about 8 inches of off-white wool from the roving. Split them into very thin strips of wool.
Wrap the wool onto the the wooden skewer in a helical direction.
Make abundant of them to assemble as the wool coat of the sheep.

sheep-felting-17Mark the outline on the sheep to define the area of the wool coat. Face, 4 limbs and bottom of the sheep have no wool coat.
Start piercing the wool strip onto the sheep, pierce one end of the strip to the sheep, twist the strip to make a small loop, pierce the strip again, then loop again. Repeat until the whole area is covered up.

sheep-felting-18Felt the ears and tail as shown in the picture.

sheep-felting-19Attach the ears and tail to the sheep. Add blushes to the cheeks, tie a small bell to it’s neck to complete Ramie the sheep.


The side

view of the sheep   needle felt rem sheep

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